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As we dig into Season 10 of Overwatch 2, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest hero, Venture. We also have a first look at our new game mode, Clash, and updates to how you acquire new Heroes. So, get ready to embark on an epic excavation of greatness!

You Can’t Spell Adventure without Venture

Break ground with the newest Damage hero, Venture, a spirited archaeologist who channels their passion for history into daring acts of heroism. Armed with a massive drill and an arsenal of seismic abilities, Venture brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield (and underneath it). Outwit your adversaries and unearth victory as you dive, dig, drill, and deliver massive damage in the process.

Harnessing the power of their Smart Excavator, Venture primarily launches unstable seismic energy that explodes, and deals burst damage. With their Burrow ability, they can become invulnerable underground while gathering momentum for a calculated ambush upon re-emergence. Then use Drill Dash to dash forward to make some space as you knock opponents back. When you’re ready to totally obliterate anyone foolish enough to be in your path, Venture can unleash a massive shockwave with their Tectonic Shock Ultimate. Whether you’re traversing a covert subterranean path or bursting out to engage in close-quarter combat, Venture offers versatile gameplay that will wreak havoc on your adversaries.

Dig Into the Battle with Venture and All Overwatch Heroes Right Away

We want every player to be able to experience all the excitement that each hero has to offer. So, starting with Venture, all past, present, and future heroes will be unlocked immediately for everyone who has completed their new player experience. Also, since Venture got some fantastic field experience from their Hero Trial, we’ve made some adjustments to their kit, and we’re thrilled to share that we’ll be releasing Venture into Competitive right away when Season 10 begins tomorrow.

This is a pretty major change from past heroes, but we’ve always wanted to allow new heroes into Competitive when a new season for Overwatch 2 launches. In the past, we wanted to make sure new heroes were free of any bugs or outstanding balance issues, as well as giving players enough time to unlock a hero from the Battle Pass. Because of the recent hero trial, and now unlocking all heroes, we’re confident Venture is ready to jump into the action right away. So, Venture forth and break some ground – all of it.


Allegiances Change in Mirrorwatch

Discover a world turned over in the reversed reality adventure, Mirrorwatch: a limited-time event set in a mirror universe where the virtuous have crumbled into villainy, and the wicked emerge as heroes. Swap alignments and experiment with reimagined Heroes and abilities like Strike Commander Doomfist’s Power Block shield, Vengeance Mercy’s Soul Burn detonation, and Agent Colomar Sombra’s Anti-Virus Ultimate. Twist reality further, taking the fight into a redesigned Watchpoint Gibraltar, where Talon has taken over. Explore this unique mirror universe for a limited time from April 23 to May 13.


New Ways to Earn and Unlock Rewards

In response to your feedback, we’re embarking on a journey to make it easier to earn rewards and give you more control over your Overwatch 2 experience. To that end, Coins are coming out of Weekly Challenges and going into the Battle Pass, making them easier to earn as you play. But that’s not all – we’re pumping up the number of Coins you can earn per season, with up to 600 Overwatch Coins now available through the Battle Pass.


Choose Your Mythic Path

In Season 10, we are introducing Mythic Prisms which will allow you to pick the Mythic hero skin of your choice.  The best way to collect Mythic Prisms is by upgrading to the Premium Battle Pass. The Mythic Prisms you collect can be used to unlock and upgrade Mythic hero skins and upgrade them with unlockable customizations. Once you conquer the Premium Battle Pass, you will have 80 Prisms, which is enough to fully unlock one complete Mythic skin, making this the best way to get Mythic Prisms every season.  

This season, our newest Mythic hero skin is none other than Vengeance Mercy! Taking up the name “Vengeance,” Dr. Angela Ziegler leads Talon in a fight for a better world, where she wields full control over life and death.  Mythic Vengeance Mercy will have three new color combinations and masks available, as well as two hair options and Caduceus Staff variations to unlock.


Not a Mercy Main? Not a problem. You can also choose to spend your Mythic Prisms to pick up select previous Mythic hero skins like Mythic Cyberdemon Genji, Amaterasu Kiriko, and Galactic Emperor Sigma, or you can save them for new Mythic cosmetics that may appear in the shop in the future. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into Mythic Prisms, unlocks, progression, and more when Season 10 officially launches tomorrow.


Blur the Lines Between Good and Evil in the Battle Pass

Evil is good and heroes have fallen: earn over 80 tiers of rewards when you pick up the Mirrorwatch-themed Season 10 Premium Battle Pass. Collect new Legendary skins including Agent Colomar Sombra, Junker Symmetra, Strike Commander Ogundimu Doomfist, Talon Brigitte, Captain Lacroix Widowmaker, and more. Step further into the mirror universe with the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle, which is stacked with 2000 Overwatch Coins, 20 tier skips, plus the Fallen Knight Reinhardt and Arch-Commandant Amari Legendary skins.

Clash for the Win

Prepare for the adrenaline-pumping Clash game mode, a limited-time trial to start Season 10. This ultimate tug-of-war challenges teams to capture points along a linear path. With five capture points strategically placed on a mirrored map, teams must deftly maneuver to capture and defend points to clinch victory. Dynamic spawns and streamlined map routes expedite your return to the fight, maximizing time spent in the heat of battle.

The Clash trial will allow you to explore Hanaoka, a brand-new map spanning an area within the beloved Hanamura district, offering fresh battlegrounds to conquer with a familiar feel. Don’t miss out on the Clash trial, now available in the Arcade, from April 16 to April 29.


Wreck and Roll with Hero Updates

Wrecking Ball is rolling onto the scene with a few new upgrades to his kit. Wrecking Ball can now protect his teammates as you dive into the enemy lines and use Adaptive Shield, providing the option to transfer some of the additional shield health to nearby allies. Grappling Claw gets a new upgrade for greater control as you swing: now you can press primary fire while the claw is attached to the map terrain and retract Wrecking Ball for additional mobility. Lastly, Grappling Claw’s cooldown has been adjusted to be partially refunded if you don’t reach fireball speeds.


We also have a variety of other balance changes coming this season. Sombra and Tracer have been powerful picks since we introduced our core gameplay updates last season, so we’re toning down their kits. Sombra’s virus will have less damage dealt over time to help compensate for the initial burst damage, and Tracer’s Pulse bomb will now be more difficult to land on targets to level the field a bit when playing against her. Going into this season, many of our Tanks will receive small buffs to give heroes like Reinhardt more impact with abilities like Earthshatter. Finally, we’re shifting the power between damage and healing for some of our support heroes, including Moira and Illari, along with providing some buffs for Lifeweaver to better tune his kit.  Check out these changes in detail in our Patch Notes preview on the forums.


Updates to Competitive and More

We’ve got some major updates for Competitive Play – first up, you can now unlock any Golden Weapon with 2024 Competitive Points. Note you can’t spend the balance of your Legacy Competitive Points with your 2024 Points when redeeming for any Golden Weapon Variant though.

We’re making it easier for friends to play together in Competitive by removing grouping restrictions. Groups that have widely varied skill levels will be placed in a “Wide Group.” These Wide Groups will only ever play against other Wide Groups, meaning your matches may be a little sillier, take longer to queue, and you will receive less gains and losses to your rank after games. Solo players will never encounter wide groups.

Defense Matrix is getting an update, with new leaver penalty updates for both Unranked and Competitive modes. Finally, Streamer Protect now includes server-side features to hide your name from teammates and opponents in your games, instead of just covering your name in your own game client. Learn more about grouping restrictions, disruptive play mitigation, and other future updates in our recent Developer Update and our Defense Matrix blog.

Fair and fun competitive play is a priority for our team, and we will continue to upgrade our Defense Matrix to mitigate disruptive play.

Start your adventure and drill into the competition with this exciting new chapter in Overwatch 2. Log on tomorrow and unearth greatness in Season 10 firsthand. See you on (or underneath) the battlefield, heroes!

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