Brands Celebrate the Holidays With AR Snapchat Lenses

Ahead of the holiday season, brands have begun releasing festive augmented reality Lenses on the Snapchat platform. Here are some of the experiences available to users.

To start, apparel company Carhartt released three AR Lenses for the holiday season. The Carhartt Santa Lens is a gamified experience that places a white beard and Carhartt beanie on the person’s head and challenges them to drop as many presents onto houses as they can in a limited amount of time.

The Detroit Store Lens, meanwhile, places a Carhartt beanie on the person’s head and allows them to virtually step inside a festive recreation of the brand’s Detroit flagship to browse products. People can tap a button to navigate to Carhartt’s website and make a purchase. Similarly, the Shop Detroit Store Lens allows people to browse a selection of Carhartt products and tap to navigate to Carhartt’s website.

“After the success seen last holiday, we wanted to expand our approach in providing an omnichannel experience that leaned heavily into augmented reality and shoppable commerce,” said Katelyn Aubuchon, director of brand marketing at Carhartt. “We hope that playing Santa and dropping Carhartt gifts or stepping into our iconic Detroit store just might feel like a fun brand experience and not just another holiday ad.”

Elsewhere, Amazon launched a Woo Sled Lens that asks people to yell “woo” to power a sled as it glides down a snowy hill. People can tilt their head to steer the sled in order to collect products like Amazon packages and laptops.

The Purina Beggin’ Holiday Spirit Lens dresses users up like the Beggin’ brand mascot, Hamlet, and asks them to sing along to Beggin’s holiday jingle. When using the rear-facing camera, the Lens lets users view a virtual store where they can browse the band’s holiday merchandise and other products.

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