Inside Critical Dewpoint, The Custom Halo Infinite Map Built To Celebrate Mtn Dew Game Fuel


The year is 2007. You’ve made it through another long day, you get home, throw your bag on the floor, and push the big circular ‘on’ button on your Xbox 360. It’s finally time. As this iconic year commanded, you’re ready to kick it with the crew, play some Halo, and enjoy an ice-cold Mtn Dew Game Fuel. 

This team-up is regarded as one of the most legendary campaigns of all time. And just over 15 years later, Game Fuel is making the ultimate comeback. First introduced with Halo 3, the iconic beverage is back, in collaboration with Halo Infinite. We’ve got the lowdown on what to expect, from collectable merchandise, exclusive Halo Infinite in-game rewards, to new and nostalgic ways to play in-game, all to celebrate the relaunch of the original Halo 3 Game Fuel flavor, Citrus Cherry.

We’re also bringing you an inside look at Critical Dewpoint, a brand-new Mtn Dew-themed multiplayer map coming to Halo Infinite as part of the Halo 3 Refueled playlist, where fans will also be able to relive seven classic Halo 3 maps recreated in Forge mode. It’s the ultimate nostalgia trip for Halo players old and new, so let’s find out more.

The Critical Dewpoint map is designed and built by ArturBloodshot, a skilled Forger and Community Ambassador for Halo. He’s also part of the Forge Council, a group of specialist map creators tasked with bringing exciting new content to Halo Infinite. Artur has been forging maps for 16 years since the launch of Halo 3, knows exactly what it takes to craft a great multiplayer level, and fortunately for us, he’s come to tell us all about it. 

Critical Dewpoint in all its Mtn Dew colored glory

Critical Dewpoint is being brought to Halo Infinite as part of the Halo 3 Refueled Playlist, which offers reimaginations of popular classic Halo 3 multiplayer maps the community adores. As a long-standing member of the Halo community, working with both 343 Industries and Mountain Dew to bring something to the wider community was a dream come true for Artur.

“When [Mtn Dew] shared their vision and what they’re planning to do, I couldn’t say no,” Artur says. And it’s not just the maps that have Artur excited, the more he learned about the plans both teams had to celebrate the re-release of Mt Dew game Fuel, the more excited he got.

Talking to us about the upcoming Halo x Mtn Dew merch collection, he adds: “The moment I saw that Halo 3 logo on the hoodie, I said I have to get it. The whole collaboration really hits a sweet spot for nostalgia as a celebration for that era.”

Building Critical Dewpoint

Critical Dewpoint is a throwback to the classic multiplayer maps of Halo 3; it combines those gritty industrial visuals we know and love with creative nods to Mtn Dew and Game Fuel. This includes nods to Game Fuel flavors at the team bases and a vending machine that dishes out various power-ups to players.

Critical Dewpoint features vending machines where players can grab buffs

Artur tells us that Halo Infinite’s Forge mode means that Forgers have more choice than ever before, and that the foundation those tools provide can lead to any environment you can imagine. 

“From classic multiplayer modes to new experiences, to the upcoming release of Firefight, or even horror mini-games, there’s so much you can do,” he says. “You can also customize your own sandbox or write a script, the freedom you have with this tool is amazing.”

When it comes to designing a multiplayer map, Artur explains that there are several key components to consider. One of these is movement, and giving players the space to get around without restriction, and of course, take advantage of skill jumps. For the uninitiated, skill jumps are an advanced traversal technique that lets players move around the map faster, using precise movements. 

“Good players might not miss any of their shots, but they also need to know how they’re using their feet on the maps,” Artur says. His keen eye for movement is extremely visible in Critical Dewpoint; the map is full of ledges and levels to hop around on.

Artur’s favourite Forge canvas is Foundry, which was introduced with Halo 3. It’s a small workhouse filled with containers, not too dissimilar from Critical Dewpoint. While the maps offered in the Refueled Playlist offer much more visual fidelity than their vintage counterparts, it’s not the modern graphics that make them impressive.

The original Foundry map canvas from Halo 3, which Critical Dewpoint is built in

“In all modern video games, you can see a lot of the details on every environment, which really helps with immersion, and I enjoy that,” Artur says. “But the beauty of Halo maps is how the environment itself is designed so players can understand their position and path options. 

“This is something I implemented with Critical Dewpoint – the environment has enough information for the player so that they can navigate the map easily while keeping the crosshairs in action.” 

Critical Dewpoint promises lots of fun for new Halo veterans and Mtn Dew superfans, but there are also plenty of easter eggs dotted around the map for all those Halo veterans to find. Above all, Artur wanted the map to celebrate Halo’s journey, the unforgettable games that brought us countless hours of multiplayer fun, and what comes next for the iconic series.

“Everyone associates Halo 3 with Mtn Dew, right?” Artur says. “That nostalgia is really important to the community because it allows you to reflect on how you started, and how the game has evolved to bring you new experiences while keeping the essence of the thing you love.” 

The Halo Infinite Mtn Dew Citrus Cherry Game Fuel limited edition flavor is out now in the US, so make sure to get your exclusive Halo Infinite in-game rewards and grab the limited-edition Halo x Mtn Dew merch in the Halo Gear shop before it’s all gone.

The Halo 3 Refueled Playlist launches November 14, and runs for two weeks until November 28, so be sure to get the old Halo band back together and give them a spin. After November 28, the maps will enter general rotation. 

To grab some of the lovely Halo x Dew merch, head to the Halo Gear shop

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