Explore The Gritty Combat of Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn In New Gameplay Trailer


This is Simon Dasan, Creative Director on Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, here to talk to you a bit more about our upcoming Action-RPG, now set for release in Summer 2024!

We’re excited to bring you the latest look at Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and we’ve been hard at work to bring you the best possible experience since you last saw it. We’re doubling down on amazing visual fidelity to bring the world of Flintlock to life, and ensuring a satisfying, visceral combat experience.

We’ve been hard at work doubling down on amazing visual fidelity of the world of Flintlock.

Take the role of Nor Vanek, alongside Enki, the mysterious Godlike creature as they venture on a quest for redemption in the world of Kian. Their journey will take them across treacherous mountainous terrain, through deadly deserts, and of course, to the front lines of the battle to reclaim the city of Dawn.

In the trenches of Dawn, Nor is ready for battle.

With combat being at the core of Flintlock, we have been hard at work refining the feel, skills, and various builds that will be at your disposal. Nor is a versatile and deadly Sapper, equally as adept with an axe as she is with flintlock weapons. Seamlessly weave axe and pistol shots as you go up against hordes of undead coming from the Great Below. 

As a versatile Sapper, Nor is handy with an axe.

Tap into the magic of the Gods with Enki and become the ultimate God Killer. Utilise Enki Curses to amplify your damage and unleash satisfyingly brutal glory kills. You’ll also gain access to Witherings, powerful ultimate attacks that can change the tide of combat. Deal massive damage, heal yourself from the brink of death, and even gain access to other Gods attacks, Witherings can be found throughout the land and will allow you to customise your playstyle even further.

Emerging from magical triangle rifts, Enki can be used as a disruptor in battle to help with crowd control.

Speaking of playstyles, Flintlock has plenty to offer for all. Use the skill tree to master the way of Powder, Magic, or Steel. Powder increases proficiency in flintlock weapons, allowing you to become a ranged arsenal. Restrain enemies and gain access to new Enki abilities through the Magic tree. Become a master of close quarters combat through the Steel tree, where you can use momentum to attack faster and faster.

All of this comes together with Flintlock’s mobility. Powder Mobility gives an unparalleled level of freedom throughout the world, whether it be finding long lost secrets, or gaining the advantage against your foes. Open rifts throughout the world and combine with Enki to take flight, jump ever higher, or throw yourself forwards to reach previously unavailable ledges.

Nor’s powder jump grants her with unrivalled mobility.

We’re excited to show you more of Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, coming in Summer of 2024. Keep an eye out, there’ll be a lot more to show in the coming months.

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