Deceit 2 Steps Out of the Shadows: Join the Xbox Insiders Preview Weekend!


Greetings, Xbox Insiders on Xbox Series X|S!

Prepare to step into the Asylum as we unveil the Deceit 2 Preview Weekend, exclusively for you from December 15th to December 18th. Deceit 2 is an immersive journey into a realm where trust dissolves into deception, and you can’t trust your own eyes. Secure your spot in this thrilling preview and experience the chilling blend of social deception and horror that awaits in Deceit 2.

About the Game:

Deceit 2 is a social deception game for 4-9 players with matchmaking support, taking place in a realm where trust is hard to earn. You’ll explore the Millhaven Asylum as either an Innocent, desperate for escape, or an Infected, scheming in silence — all while under the meticulous gaze of the Game Master, the puppeteer of this macabre play.

Deceit 2 is a fusion of strategy, psychological warfare, and action. Engage in tasks, forge dubious alliances, and decipher the web of trust and treachery. With the Game Master’s narrative twists, every moment is a dance on the edge of a knife.

Your journey in Deceit 2 is marked by Accolades and the Mastery System, rewarding your cunning and courage. Personalize your gameplay with diverse offerings from the in-game shop. Experience the game’s mechanics in the demo mode, and delve into the secretive world of Roles, a twist that adds layers of strategy and depth.

This world of Deceit 2 is constantly evolving, promising new experiences with each update. From UI/UX enhancements to new Terrors and maps, the game grows with your involvement. As an Insider, your role is pivotal in shaping Deceit 2’s future, especially in fine-tuning features such as Roles.

Remember, Deceit 2 in its current form is just a glimpse of what’s to come. This beta is an integral part of our journey, offering a raw, unfiltered experience. Challenges await, but so do the thrills of uncovering secrets in the dark.

Join the Deceit 2 community and contribute to the game’s evolution. Connect on Discord, share your insights, and let your voice be heard in the development process.
Together, we’ll craft a world where every shadow holds a story:

Dare to embrace the Ritual of Deceit? Your journey into darkness begins now.

How to Participate:

  1. Sign-in on your Xbox Series X|S console and launch the Xbox Insider Hub app (or install the Xbox Insider Hub from the Store first if necessary).
  2. Navigate to Previews > Deceit 2
  3. Select Join
  4. Wait for the registration to complete and you should be directed to the Store page to install the Preview

NOTE: This Preview is only available on Xbox Series X|S Consoles.
NOTE: Limited space is available and offered first-come first-served.

Playtest Times:

  • Start: Thursday, December 15th, 4:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM PT)
  • End: Monday, December 18th, 4:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM PT)

How to Provide Feedback:

If you experience any issues while playing the Deceit 2 Preview, don’t forget to use “Report a problem” so we can investigate:

  • Hold down the home button on your Xbox controller.
  • Select Report a problem.
  • Select the Games category and Deceit 2 Preview subcategory.
  • Fill out the form with the appropriate details to help our investigation.

Other resources:

For more information: follow us on Twitter at @XboxInsider and this blog for release notes, announcements, and more. And feel free to interact with the community on the Xbox Insider SubReddit.

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